We are a Costa Rican, family-run company dedicated to finding sustainable solutions to the problems facing our natural landscapes caused by human development. Among these issues is our increasing disconnect with nature.  We fully believe that education is the key to successful solutions as it forms the fulcrum that provides the balance between the continued anthropogenic development of our planet and the conservation of earth’s natural communities.  Therefore, we currently operate in three primary areas that focus on reconnecting people with nature: 1ecotourism  2environmental education and 3) research. We have nearly 15 years of experience organizing and leading both individual and group tours specializing in Costa Rica's amazing natural history.  Additionally, we offer over 18 years of bi-lingual teaching experience; from kindergarten through college and in a variety of international curricula in both Costa Rica and the United States.  Our newest initiatives with research focus on investigations into the direct impact of anthropogenic development on the structure of natural communities, and the indirect impact urban development has on conservation. Furthermore, we have recently developed a practical, inquiry based research program for students based in Costa Rica’s largest private reserve, The Children’s Eternal Rainforest. Contact us for more information.

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